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Everyone is talking about obesity, every where media, people and lots of programme are also organized. One has to start a mission to fight obesity.

Though in Asia we are no 8 medal tally, we have already won many medals when life style disease like obesity is talked about. And this is not good as we all know. Obesity is global programme, but we Indians are as usual like in any other filed marching ahead. This is the race which we want to loose. Some basic guideline how to tackle this problem, which if not cared for, will become something like daily sops on TV in every home, or like mobile phones this will become a public as well as private nuisance. Everybody knows the problem know thanks to media but little has been done at mass level to tackle this and remove myths from the mind of people.

Some basic and bold step that is required.

1. Whom to take advice:
Your family physician is the best one to advise you in this matter. Because he knows your lifestyle, your family cooking pattern even, your family history which is important in overall assessment and managing the risk. He can effectively plan your exercise schedule, your diet plan etc.in consultation with your family members if needed. You meet him most often and he is the right person to judge even whether you are following what is advised, and with a friendly touch he can sometimes praise you or scold you.

2. Exercise:
There is a famous quote by some one in Gujarati, “Jo Tame Nahi Haso ane Nahi Chalo,to kyay nahi chalo.”
If you want to live long and healthy you have to exercise daily and regularly. There can not be any kind short cuts and please do not make any excuses for not doing exercise and cheat your self. There can not be any programme in world which can be successful without exercise. Exercise for minimum 30 minutes and that too six days in a week is must. Do not forget to consult your family physician before jumping on to any exercise programme.

3. Diet:
Diet planning is the thing that every body asks for and nobody wants to follow. And there end numbers of reason for not able to follow that. And this is the area where everyone on this earth has something to advice. Beware of that crash diet plans that keeps on circulation like gossips in circle. They can be extremely dangerous for your health. Simple basic assessment of what you are eating will go long way in managing your health. You and only you know what is to be avoided. Your doctor and diet planner can help you see something which you can not see in this.

4. Final Over:
Right now the season of cold is here, morning is getting cold, and again is season of marriages. So mouth watering cuisines are waiting for you. The newly married bride knows that way to husband’s heart is via his stomach, so variety of foods will be made in this season. But my dear if you want to make you and your loved ones heart healthy, avoid this route and take the direct one and keep your love life happy and healthy. Otherwise like telephone lines getting congested day by day your blood vessels will also get congested with fats.

So in end eat healthy, do regular exercise.