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The most burning problem in modern era, LOW BACK PAIN & NECK PAIN, affects almost 90% of us sometimes in our lives, perhaps 20-30% of us at any given time. It is especially common in individuals who lead a sedentary life. It occurs at any age but is most prevalent during 3rd to 6th decade.

90% of times Back pain is mechanical in origin and is due to long hours static faulty postures and unergonomic work style. Type of endurance we expect from our back is often too high in comparison to the exercise and training we give it to be able to cope with the demands put on it.

Low Back pain & Neck Pain is the commonest cause of occupational disability, second most common to headache and common cold. In India 20 million people are off work at any particular time due to Back Pain (NSI data). Tremendous costs are associated with Low Back Pain including lost efficiency & productivity at work, decreased income from work, expense of medical, rehabilitation and surgical interventions, cost of disability, pain & limited daily function.
Interesting & unknown facts about back pain:

→ Recurrence of back pain is on top. 90% of cases have recurrent episodes of pain every 3-6-12 months.
→ Recurrences tend to become progressively more severe with each successive attack.
→ Self –limiting Nature of Back Pain:

       This means most of times patients recover regardless of treatment! Statistics have shown that 44% of patients with low back/neck pain are better in one week, 86% in one month & 92% in 2 months!

→ Difficulties don’t lie in treating an acute episode of BACK / NECK PAIN, but more in Prevention of future episodes. (90% of cases have recurrent episodes of pain every 3-6-12 months)
→ Hence Expertise is in preventing the recurrent future episodes of Back Pain in which nothing else than Specialized Physiotherapy can help.

Mission Health is India’s first ever Speciality Spine Clinic, equipped with latest and advanced technologies and expertise for treating Spine Problems. It has Successfully treated more 4000 Back & Neck Pain patients in last 4 years with combination of :

A. Detailed Mechanical Diagnosis to find the root cause of back pain.
B. Pain Management with advanced Electrotherapeutics like Non- Surgical LASER.
C. Revolutionary NON-Surgical Decompression Technology.
D. Targeted Core Stability Exercise Programme