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Why Hypertension is hidden Enemy?

Hypertension has no specific symptoms. So, one cannot know about their disease. Simply, hypertension is high blood pressure. High blood pressure harms blood vessels without the knowledge of an individual and ultimately Heart attack, Paralysis or Kidney failure results. And that is why it is hidden enemy.

Unless and until the blood pressure is measured, even the doctor does not know whether the blood pressure is normal, high or low?

What is Hypertension?

Hypertension is high blood pressure. High blood pressure is the result of Atherosclerosis – fat deposition in the endothelium of blood vessels. Prevalence of Hypertension is high. One person among every five is suffering from Hypertension.

What are the Risk Factors of Hypertension?

→ Age
→ Smoking/Tobacco
→ Sex
→ Mental Stress
→ Hereditary
→ Sedentary Life
→ Obesity
→ Irregular life style
→ Taking more salty food
→ Alcohol

Other causes includes Primary Kidney disease, Insomnia, Hormonal imbalance, High fatty food, Lack of exercise etc.

What are the symptoms of Hypertension?

→ Headache , heaviness in head
→ Giddiness
→ Unexplained syncope/unconsciousness
→ Epistaxis
→ Blurring of Vision
→ Anginal Chest pain
→ Dyspnoea on Exertion

What investigations one should undergo & at what interval?

At the time of detection of Hypertension:
→ Blood Sugar – Fasting, PP
→ Blood Urea
→ Serum Keratinise
→ Lipid Profile
→ Urine Routine
→ USG-Abdomen & Pelvis

Every 6 months:

→ Blood Sugar – Fasting, PP
→ Blood Urea
→ Serum Creatinine
→ Lipid Profile
→ Urine Routine
→ Eye check-up, Fundoscopy

Every Year:

→ 2-D Echo

As Early The Hypertension is Diagnosed, More Chances to Delay/Prevent The Complications.

What are the Complications of Hypertension?

→ Heart Attack
→ Paralysis
→ Kidney Failure
→ Retinal Damage

What is the Treatment?

(a) Pharmacological: The treating doctor decides the line of treatment after confirmation, ruling out other concomitant conditions & all investigations.
(b) Non-Pharmacological:
→ Low salt diet
→ Regular Exercise, yoga, Pranayam
→ Reduce body weight
→ Reduce Stress
→ Stop smoking/Tobacco
→ Improve lipid profile

When it is called Hypertension?


NORMAL 120 80
HIGH NORMAL 130-139 85-89


Stage-I (mild) 140-159 90-99
Stage-II (moderate) 160-179 100-109
Stage-III(severe) 180-209 110-119
Stage- (very severe) 210 or higher

Classification of Hypertension

(1) Primary Hypertension
(2) Secondary Hypertension
(3) Gestational Hypertension

Points to Ponder

→ Regular check your blood pressure. It should not more than 130/80.
→ Take medicines regularly. Do not change the time or dose of medicines by yourself.
→ Consult/contact your Family Physician at regular interval.
→ If you think any side-effect or some discomfort with the medicines, consult your Family Physician at the earliest.
→ Modify your life style by regular exercise, yoga & pranayam, low salt diet, sufficient rest and sleep, low fat diet, avoid junk food etc.