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Dear doctor my doctor has recently diagnosed me to have high blood pressure and given some medications.Let me know for how long i need take this course of medicines prescribed. I do not want to take regular medicines.

Dear,welcome to familyphysicianonline. First of all please note that it is not advisable to stop the drugs unless it is advised by your doctor. High blood pressure is disease for which we do not offer cure. Your blood pressure is kept under control with use of medications. The day you stop taking these drugs your blood pressure will rise. we call hypertension a silent killer-means it dose not give any symptoms till it rises to very dangerous level in lot many patients. SO please take your medicines regular.bye.

Hi,Doctor,my son is having recurrent issue of difficulty in breathing and cough.We need to give regular medication and at times nebulizer.We are worried about swine flu,please guide about vaccination.

Hi,welcome to famliy physician online. Yes vaccination is a good idea. Those who are having regular problems like cough,asthma or respiratory illness,they should take this vaccination on yearly basis. This vaccine is safe and effective.

We are planning pregnancy. My doctor has advised rubella vaccine to my wife. Please guide.

Welcome to familyphysicianonline.Vaccination for rubella is advised for any women in child bearing age. This protects from complication of rubella infection during pregnancy,which can be trouble some at times.

My daughter is 12 years old. On last visit to doctor my doctor advised vaccine for cervical cancer.Please guide.

Yes,your doctor is right. Cervical cancer vaccine is recommended at this age. The idea is to vaccinate before sexual debut to prevent getting infected with virus. She needs to take 3 doses as per advice.

My father is 66 years of age.He is suffering from Br.Asthma. My doctor has advised pneumococcal vaccine. Please guide.

Thanks for visiting familyphysicianonline.com. Yes, your doctor is right.This patients are having high risk of getting this infection. There are 2 types of vaccines. First you should give him prevenar 13-the vaccine which protects against 13 serotypes and after 12 months give him pneumovax 23. Apart from this he also should be given flu shot every year.Regards,

My son 18 years of age is having high grade fever since 4 days.Suddenly while whole body has become red .We are very much worried please guide.

Hi,Welcome to family physicianonline.com. As per details shared by you and current disease pattern in your locality,it seems that he is having most probably dengue fever.This is very common. Please do not panic,in dengue rash appears. Most of the patients does not require active treatment.Rest and plenty of fluids is the main stay of treatment.Keep regular follow up with your doctor and go for blood tests as per advised.Wishing him speedy recovery.

Hi,Doctor,My wife is suffering from fever with severe joint pain since last 5 days.All the reports are normal.My doctor has given a course of 5 injection,still pain is persisting.please guide.

Hi,Dear Jayesh,
Thanks for posting your query and welcome to familiyphysicianonline.com. What she seems to be having is chicken guinea.It is a disease that spreads by mosquito bite. Please avoid taking injections.In this fever subsides in about 2-3 days but joint pain persists for about 3-6 weeks depending upon patient.Do not take anything else other then paracetamol for pain.Ask her to remain active and drink plenty of fluids.She should be fine soon.