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What is Cataract?

The clear lens behind the cornea of our eye focuses light rays on retina (like a camera) and gives us clear vision. When this natural lens becomes cloudy (translucent or opaque) for some reasons, the vision becomes blurred or hazy. This is cataract. The spread of opacity of the lens varies from person to person. If the centre of the lens is not affected, then the patient is not even aware of the problem. Cataract can be compared to foggy glass.
Some misconceptions about cataract are:
→ It is some kind of a layer on the eye
→ It occurs due to excessive use of the eye
→ It is infectious

What are the symptoms of cataract?

→ Blurring of vision
→ Frequent changes in correction in specs
→ Glare - intolerance to light
→ Difficulty in vision at night
→ Multiple images
→ Need for more light for reading
→ Dull or yellowish image of colours

What are the reasons of cataract?

→ Aging process
→ Hereditary
→ Injury to the eye
→ Diseases like Diabetes.
→ Side effect of steroids.
→ Previous surgery of the eye