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Frequently Asked Questions

Dear doctor my doctor has recently diagnosed me to have high blood pressure and given some medications.Let me know for how long i need take this course of medicines prescribed. I do not want to take regular medicines.

Dear,welcome to familyphysicianonline. First of all please note that it is not advisable to stop the drugs unless it is advised by your doctor. High blood pressure is disease for which we do not offer cure. Your blood pressure is kept under control with use of medications. The day you stop taking these drugs your blood pressure will rise. we call hypertension a silent killer-means it dose not give any symptoms till it rises to very dangerous level in lot many patients. SO please take your medicines regular.bye.

Hi,Doctor,my son is having recurrent issue of difficulty in breathing and cough.We need to give regular medication and at times nebulizer.We are worried about swine flu,please guide about vaccination.

Hi,welcome to famliy physician online. Yes vaccination is a good idea. Those who are having regular problems like cough,asthma or respiratory illness,they should take this vaccination on yearly basis. This vaccine is safe and effective.

About Family Physician Online

Familyphysicianonline.com is a brain child of Management Medicos. We are group young dynamic tech savvy family physicians based in Ahmadabad, having wide experience of medical field and management. We have organized lots of medical event and programs like, seminar, web cast, conferences etc. We are having basic know how of local market and practices prevailing in the city. Our team is capable of helping in setting a medical related business in Gujarat and taps the local market. We can take care of raising funds, finding local support teams, establish network and build a brand image locally. Our aim is to promote patients health in general and help the companies and doctors who are focusing on ever growing business opportunities in vibrant state of Gujarat.

Upcoming Events:       Hitcon Conference 2016- Health Care Information Technology Conference

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